Back to school


Currently I am in a mini-holiday and I am thinking what I can wear especially that Spring is around the corner. The outfit showcased is a back to school one as you can see. The mini skirt is not missing from this outfit and is greatly matched with a bell sleeve sweater from Shein which can be found here. Also I got the H&M boots during the sales at a great price and don’t forget the leather backpack. I can say that I am ready for school or university to be more specific. I prepare my outfit and still enjoy the remaining for my holiday. Every one tells me that I should enjoy those years because the real life starts after. I truly hope that it continues to be as beautiful as it is now and I hope I will continue doing what I love. I will not let life pass near me and I can’t wait to do as many beautiful things as possible.


details-ramona-crisstea  back-to-school-outfit back-to-school-outfit-ramona-crisstea

Do not forget that we have only one life and what is more beautiful than waking up, doing what you love and enjoy every little beautiful moment that is to come.

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


A perfect gift


After so many evens that happened lately I tried my best to be on time with my posts. In addition to that, after a wonderful Christmas spent in Vienna and Budapest I have so much to share with you. Firstly I want to start with a new present that I got and which made me create an entire unique outfit that contains some pieces that I have never tried such as straight pink jeans. Which is the present you wonder? Well it is a Christian Paul Watch.

ramona-crisstea-3 ramona-crisstea-2ramona-crisstea

I wished for this watch for a very long time and I started to really love this brand. Christian Paul Watches is a brand that has an exponential growth and offers its customers classic and simplistic watches. What I love the most is how you can use a watch for different events and look fabulous. I have chosen a watch form the Marble Wrist Watches Collection which offers a range of classic watches with a minimalistic design that will always catch your eye.


I know that you can’t wait to wear your new presents for the New Year Party and I thought why shouldn’t you enjoy something beautiful and unique. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and stay close for my future post from my holiday.


In addition to that you can always spoil yourself with a new Christian Paul watch no matter if you would wear it at the New Years Eve party or on a normal day.

Christian Paul Watches – HERE

Happy Holidays!

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea